Change is hard. We’ll help you make it last.

A Christian residential program in Dahlonega, Georgia for men struggling with addiction 

Find hope again

Discover hope and wipe out shame and guilt.

Overcome addiction for good

Replace controlling habits with a new lease on life.

Make things right

Our loved ones often bear the brunt of our mistakes. We'll help you reconcile.

Don't miss this opportunity for change

Each and every day we get calls from men and their families asking for help. They’re at the end of their rope. This feels like their last shot to get things right. That’s exactly why Waypoint Ministry exists. Recovering from addiction is hard. We get it. Our graduates and even many staff are walking testaments to the impact of this program, having gone through this process themselves. We utilize a holistic framework that combines tangible skills for life change with a deep faith that gives men a reason to finally make change stick.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, I know how frustrating it is. You need a place you can turn to. Let’s ditch addiction together and replace it with restoration and hope for the future.

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Chris Gillhouse
Executive Director

A life changed

"My name is Alex R. I am 26 years old and from Cairo, Georgia. I came to Waypoint in January 2017 and graduated the Regeneration Program in 2018.

I came to Waypoint seeking change but was apprehensive and fearful. At first, I came to Waypoint to deal with my drug addiction, but quickly began thinking differently as I accepted truth from my teachers. I got the opportunity to be at Waypoint by divine appointment to receive healing from my hurt, bad choices, and fears. My teachers loved on me and guided me in the direction of Christ. His love and grace transformed my mind and my life. I received the Holy Spirit, I am learning to walk with Christ, and I am listening for God’s voice. My experience at Waypoint has been the hardest, most rewarding challenge of my life so far. My relationship with my family is better than it’s been in a long time.

I feel the calling to be involved in ministry and look forward to stepping into it. My goals are spiritual growth, serving God, loving people, and appreciating life. I hope to guide, teach, and potentially pastor in the future, according to God’s plan for my life."


Alex R.

Waypoint Graduate


Chart a course

towards a brighter future


Find a greater purpose

through a redemptive faith in Jesus


Reunite with loved ones

and a family who still care about you


Mend broken relationships

undone by substance abuse

Here's how to get help.

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After we’ve talked, fill out our online application. We’ll review everything and explain what comes next.

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Recover your freedom

Begin a 12-month journey toward healing, and find hope for the future.

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Why consider Waypoint Ministry?

Too many recovery programs miss the mark with a purely clinical approach or price tag that excludes those who need their help the most. And although we understand how expensive it is to operate any residential space like ours, we also believe there should be another option.

Our unique approach combines the tangible skills every man in recovery needs, all within a faith-based residential environment that provides deeper meaning that leads to lasting change.

We have affordable program fees and sometimes can provide scholarships to eligible men and their families who desperately want help, but simply cannot afford it.

Over the course of twelve months, every man at Waypoint walks through a regenerative program that covers everything from inner healing and biblical teaching to practical steps to break addiction. Our goal? Help men overcome addiction and successfully reintegrate into the lives of their family and loved ones.

How do we do it all and not charge enormous rates?

Our friends and partners.

Their generosity makes everything we do possible.

If you’re looking to overcome addiction and find deeper meaning, look no further.

We'll help you:

Mend broken relationships with your family
Understand how to overcome addiction
Get your life back on track
Make sense of past pain that’s holding you back
Find freedom from life-controlling habits

Freedom from addiction can be yours

"I arrived at Waypoint with 4 DUI's, a marriage on the rocks, and a cycle of addiction I clearly couldn't fix by myself. My time here brought me in close proximity to Jesus and a team who helped me walk through a deeper journey of change that I wasn't equipped to do alone. Today, by God's grace, I've learned the difference between my past and what He's calling into my future."


"My life was a wreck. I had lost my kids, family, home, and everything I loved. Desperate, I reached out to my sister who introduced me to Waypoint Ministry. Here, God's transformed my mess into a message. And you know ... life is still pretty hard at times, but now I'm equipped with the tools and life-changing relationship with my Savior that's going to see me through."