Be the reason men and their families finally find hope

They need to break free from the pull of addiction. You can help.


Men are nearly twice as likely as women to deal with substance abuse according to a recent study


Roughly 5% of adults age 26 and older suffer from alcoholism


An estimated 741,000 young people face an uphill battle with illicit drug use.


Approximately 13.6 million adults age 26 or older struggled with a substance use disorder in 2017, or 6.4% of this age group

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Together, we’re reuniting families one man at a time.

Too many recovery programs miss the mark with a purely clinical approach or price tag that excludes those who need their help the most. And although we understand how expensive it is to operate any residential space like ours, we also believe the men counting on us deserve it.

As a THOR-Certified program, we are licensed with the state of Georgia which means we have spent time and energy investing in a safe environment where men can create lasting change.

Our unique approach combines the tangible skills every man in recovery needs all within a faith-based residential environment that provides deeper meaning that leads to lasting change.

You help ensure we can offer affordable program fees and scholarships to eligible men and their families who desperately want help, but simply cannot afford it.

Over the course of twelve months, every man at Waypoint walks through a regenerative process that covers everything from inner healing and biblical teaching to practical steps to break addiction and successfully reintegrate into the lives of their family and loved ones.

How do we do it all and not charge enormous rates? Our friends and partners like you. These men and their families are counting on us. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, your generosity makes everything we do possible.

Together, through your generosity, we are walking men through a journey of healing that leads to deeper meaning and restoration.


Reach More Men

with the transforming power of Jesus’ love


Stand In The Gap

for guys struggling to get their lives back on track


Reverse The Trend

and help men battling with substance abuse break the cycle


Make An Eternal Difference

 by partnering with us to make families whole again

Ready to see what we can accomplish together?

Your Trust Is Important To Us

We know you need to have confidence when you give. As a faith-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, our commitment to integrity runs deep. We don’t take your trust lightly and are grateful for your partnership. It makes what we do each and every day possible.

Your giving isn’t just a donation. It’s an investment.