Do you still accept men who cannot pay in full?

Yes. We do not want financial strain to be the only reason someone does not get the help they need. We offer affordable program fees, payment plans, and in some cases scholarships to eligible men and their families who desperately want help, but simply cannot afford it. If a man is truly in need, we will not let money be the sole reason he doesn’t receive the help he needs. If money is the reason you have not applied for help yet, please contact our office.

What is the difference between regeneration and recovery?

Recovery is a common term used to help men in need, but does not fully embody the transformation men enrolled here are after. Here at Waypoint we focus on regeneration which is not only core to our faith but also representative of the true transformation that comes as a result of freedom from substance abuse and life-controlling habits.

I struggle with an addiction other than substance abuse. Can you help me?

While our emphasis is on helping men overcome alcohol and drug addiction, we realize life-controlling issues aren’t just limited to those two areas. If you or a loved one is struggling because of a habit that you cannot fix on your own, please reach out so that we can discuss your circumstances and determine together if applying is the appropriate next step. If we find that this is not the best place for you, we will assist you in finding a place where you can get the help you need.

Why do you have a Thrift Store?

In 2006 we opened our Waypoint Thrift Store which is now located in Murrayville, Georgia, a short drive from our main campus. This facility serves a number of functions, all centered around helping men in our program learn and practice valuable recovery skills in an environment that helps offset some of our operating costs. If you have not stopped by, we encourage you to do so. 100% of every purchase you make helps men in need chart a course toward a brighter future.

If I do really well, do I have to stay the full 12 months?

Absolutely. Our program is comprehensive in that every season of your stay here focuses on new areas of healing, regeneration, and restoration. For those who aim for it, we do offer leadership opportunities during your stay to exercise your gifts and talents, and serve other men who have not been here as long and are in need of some help along the way.

What happens after I graduate?

We realize that graduation does not automatically equate to no more problems. As your time here comes to a close, you receive individual support as we work together to determine the right next steps for you. Oftentimes, next steps include obtaining employment, reuniting with estranged family, or meeting other specific goals you feel led to accomplish. We do extend offers to qualified graduates who desire to stay on for another year and give back to new applicants through our Servant Leadership Training Program.

No matter which route you choose, we know change is hard and we are committed to helping you and your loved ones make it last.

If my loved one enrolls, will we be able to visit?

Yes, you can find information on our family visits here.

Can men work while at Waypoint?

The men at Waypoint Ministry voluntarily work at one of our chosen industries. These workplace environments foster accountability while providing various types of skills training. Learning healthy work habits while adjusting to living a productive and sober life, is a vital part of our program. Learning to develop these habits inside of Waypoint will help you to confidently transition back into the community and workforce.

I take medications. Can I still apply?

We can work with most health medications as long as you do not require more medical care than we are equipped to provide. This is something that can be discussed with our intake coordinator during the application process. However, we do not allow any psychotropic medications such as mood stabilizers or sleep aids. Should your needs conflict with the above guidelines, we will have a conversation with you to understand everything and make an informed decision about your admittance into Waypoint.

Can I apply for a scholarship?

We never want financial constraint to be the sole reason someone is unable to get the help they need here at Waypoint. If you and your family are unable to commit to our affordable program fees, please contact us so that we can explore all options including currently available scholarship opportunities.